Unity Small Business Consortium

NELOGIS is a founding member of the Unity Small Business Consortium. Click on the company logo to go to that company’s web site to view their mission statements, services, current projects and contact information.

The purpose of the consortium is to utilize the resources from each company in order to take advantage of staffing resources, past performance, operating locations of current contracts or expertise in a particular part of the world and the strength of the skill sets of each companies team members to qualify for contracts that as individual companies we would not be able to compete. The five companies in the consortium include:

Unity Small Business Consortium

Global Veritas Logistics, Inc.

Press Release

Nelogis wins $2.8M Defense Logistics Agency Contract

Durham, NH – Nelogis was awarded a US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) contract worth up to $2.8 million this past… Read more

Nelogis wins contract with US Army Corps of Engineers

Durham, NH – Nelogis was selected as a subcontractor to provide management, industrial engineering, and analysis services to the US… Read more

Nelogis wins AFRICAP III contract with US Department of State

Durham, NH – Nelogis doing business as Next Evolution Logistics Solutions (NELOGIS), was awarded a US Department of State Indefinite-Delivery,… Read more