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What We Do

NELOGIS provides training, logistical support and construction activities. We develop and implement training (Programs of Instruction, Lesson Plans, PowerPoint, Videos and other visuals and Testing) on vehicles, equipment and company and Battalion level individual and team/platoon/Company training and the evaluation of training that measure training course effectiveness. Our logistical support and services including equipment and material sourcing and procurement with delivery to customer location(s), transportation services, warehousing and distribution services, inventory management, facility and equipment maintenance and supply chain management to support new and ongoing mission work. Our minor construction includes the construct of temporary and/or permanent facilities and including site assessments, designs, civil works and property management; and provide equipment, management, labor, materials, tools and services for construction activities.

Logistics & Stability Operations

  • Logistics in Stability Operations/Peacekeeping
  • Logistics Management
  • Medical Supply
  • Procurement (Purchasing) and Delivery of materials to site(s)
  • Supply Chain Distribution/Lifecycle Management/Solutions
  • Warehousing Operations (Receipt-Store-Inventory-Issue-Kitting-Disposal-Delivery-Accountability)
  • Transportation Operations (Convoy Operations-Delivery of material)
  • Maintenance Operations (Vehicles, Generators, Support Equipment, CMMS)
  • Base Camp Operations and Services
  • 3PL / end-to-end logistics, including final mile handover
  • Property Accountability and Management

Liquid Logistics & Management

  • Bulk Petroleum Management and Accountability
  • Bulk Petroleum Facility Operations
  • Bulk/Retail Fuel Operations
  • Aviation Fuel/Defuel Operations
  • Water and Waste Water Management and Accountanility
  • Bulk and Retail Water Distribution
  • Water Purification
  • Waste Water Operations
  • Reverse Osmosis Purification Units
  • Drinking Water Treatment and Desalinization

Security Support & Services

  • Physical Security and Intel support to Project Managers
  • Intel and Threat Assessments to PMs
  • Site Vulnerability Analysis and Recommendations
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Security Related Training

Training Support & Services

  • Programs of Instruction Development
  • Development of Lessons Plans in English and native language
  • Mobile Training Teams
  • Field/Company Grade Leadership Training
  • NCO Training Courses
  • Brigade/Battalion Staff Training-Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Individual/Squad Weapons Training
  • Combat Field Support, Operations & Maintenance
  • Field Training Exercise (FTX) Planning, Development, and Execution
  • Driver and Maintenance Training for Tactical and non-tactical equipment
  • Driver Assessment and Vetting
  • Combat Operations and System Employment
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training and Maintenance
  • Follow-On (Sustainment) Training
  • Warehouse Operations Training
  • Operator Maintenance Training
  • Security Training

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