Borderless Supply Chain & Procurement

Land, Ocean, and Air

NELOGIS is a recognized leader in creating, securing and managing global supply chains for the Department of Defense and its partners. We tailor our supply chain solutions to ensure we can meet specific project specifications thanks to our expansive global vendor network.


On Land

NELOGIS is a broad-spectrum provider of critical logistics services, providing sustainment and modernization throughout the supply chain. We deliver goods on land to locations in big cities and remote outposts, with everyone in between.


On the Ocean

NELOGIS is a leader in the design, development and production of nautical logistics, delivering supplies to major and minor ports across the world. We specialize in creating logistics networks at sea that meet customer demands for mission-critical goods.

Never Satisfied with “Good Enough”

NELOGIS Devises, Designs, and Delivers
Logistics Solutions to Support
Complex Missions to Meet Success


In the Air

NELOGIS is an innovative logistics air provider with a proven track record of excellence and reliability. Our logistics team provides aviation and refueling services to Defense Department operations overseas, providing the required fuel at the proper specifications.


NELOGIS leverages an international network to procure supplies around the world, ensuring that we have multiple partners that can provide the necessary goods to ensure there is never a break in service.

Logistics play a major role in overall mission success. Our subject matter experts leverage their experience in military operations to provide precise, logistical support in austere environments to deliver tailored solutions globally.


Our Supply Chain

Made up of an advanced, global supply network and related services warehousing and supply chain management, asset distribution and lifecycle management, facility operations, and medical supply chain management.



Our logistics team provides air freight delivery and refueling services to include the operation of bulk petroleum facilities, fueling, and point of sales operations for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.


Procurement, Engineering, & Operations

We leverage our international network to procure and distribute supplies in environments ranging from large garrisons to the most austere locations in the world, build up those environments to support advanced infrastructure, and train staff to operate the facility.