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We work closely with government agencies in multi-tiered operations and host nations in training, development, and mission support. Our locations are all over the world, Bogota, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dubai, Madagascar, Mexico City, and Tanzania.

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NELOGIS builds strong partnerships around the world, forging a global network built on trust, and delivering logistics solutions to support complex missions. Continuous work in these regions plays a vital role in ensuring that our experience minimizes transition and execution risks, while excelling at performance.

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NELOGIS’s supports the implementation of the Department of State’s AFRICAP program as part of a wider effort to strengthen regional stability initiatives to enhance capacity to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts.

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NELOGIS provides total sustainment support and full-service electronics facility maintenance for the Department of Defense (DoD). This mission includes design, manufacture, repair and overhaul of hundreds of electronic systems, and we work to support the capabilities across the spectrums.

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Our experts leverage their experience providing logistical support in austere environments to deliver tailored solutions to our clients. We work in unstable parts of the world to maintain safety and order in post conflict environments and strive to pass our expertise to those in need of it.