NELOGIS trained military troops on mission-critical equipment and new technology in the field.

NELOGIS implemented and conducted training for militaries with experienced troops that lacked knowledge of new types of technology and equipment. Especially critical are those in the field having confidence and the skills to maximize use of tools, such as night vision goggles and weapon mounted devices.

The base instruction set the foundation for continued skill development and in-depth tactical sustainment training. Dual instruction techniques of class-wide basics, and in-depth individualized training, boosted proficiency and confidence. Even experienced field operators are not able to immediately, and properly, utilize night vision goggles, use weapon mounted devices, or use all equipment harmoniously. Teaching this fluidity is critical, troops were taught to use all the new equipment as a combined combat package.

Military action and counter-insurgency efforts are 24/7. Continuing education and training maximize retention, efficiency, and enhances augmentations based on field experience and demand.