NELOGIS is a leading provider of fuel operations, interfacing all elements, receiving products, jet fuels, AVGAS (aviation gasoline), and ground fuels from a series of driver operated fill stands.

NELOGIS conducts fuel operations at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma; Aircraft and ground fuel services, storage and operation at Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi, and AEC alongside aircraft refueling for the Defense Logistics Agency.

Our work at the Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland provides aircraft and ground fuel services. Naval Air Station Patuxent River is a bulk fuel facility with a widespread system of tanks and components, interconnected by pipeline, and operated by civil service and military personnel. NELOGIS is coordinating with three fuel systems, the service station, Joint Strike Fighter, chilled fuel site, and the two tanks for a VQ-4 direct fueling system. We work in conjunction with the personnel, administration, and refueler maintenance teams.

Our fuel services are on the ready for station and transient aircraft 24/7. We provide aircraft and ground fuel services, transport, and dispense the required amount of bulk fuel to the Naval Air Station. We are ready to accommodate fuel surge needs and ensure quality management for fuel performance conditions.