NELOGIS melded a disparate pool of drivers into a cohesive unit that can operate, troubleshoot, and maintain heavy vehicles in mission-critical environments.

NELOGIS's work includes the instruction for the Special Intervention Unit of Burkina Faso Gendarme National. This training is designed to teach the skills necessary to safely operate all individual equipment and mission-specific devices under normal and emergency circumstances.

The training includes setup, operational capabilities, and maintenance requirements, taking into consideration the limited technical knowledge of the trainees. With the pool of trainees composed of literate, illiterate, and some without writing capabilities, the training strategy consisted of focusing on individuals. Because of the differences in background of each trainee, a specific time was given to each individual to hone their skills. For instance, those who experienced trouble maneuvering the equipment were given more time to master techniques, ensuring a level of individual satisfaction.

By the end of training, the drivers and mechanics are able to professionally and clinically operate the equipment and are able to trouble shoot and identify faults without supervision. They can fully identify the hazards in their workplace, thus minimizing the risks of injuries and optimizing productivity.