Our Mission. Our Drive. Our Focus.

Nelogis is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business that provides training, logistics and supply chain solutions to the U.S. Government and its partners worldwide. Nelogis is headquartered in Durham, New Hampshire with offices in Washington D.C. and Dubai.

Using cutting-edge technology and industry specialists, with marked years of military experience, Nelogis ensures water purification systems, and sophisticated water filtration processes, sustainable energy solutions, and infrastructure development to support the most complex environments.

By Land, Ocean, and Air,

We Provide the Route to Your

Mission’s Success

Our Mission

To provide performance-driven success, ensuring mission-readiness.

Our Vision

To expand our operational capabilities globally, providing a benefit to our customers and team members by offering enhanced solutions to meet their expanding requirements.

Who We Are

Message from the Founder

There are many tenants of being a successful leader; trust, respect for every person, and a firm, consistent discipline to keep learning. These values are vitally important to the work Nelogis does to improve the livelihood and safety of people all over the world.

What makes Nelogis so impactful is the dedication of our team. I am proud of their commitment, honesty, and work ethic throughout every mission, leading the industry into the future. We are not intimidated by adversity but strengthened by the positive impact we make.

Raymond L. Rodon

Services and Support

Logistics Image

Borderless solutions to support complex missions to meet success by air, land, and ocean.

Supply Chain Image
Supply Chain

Made up of an advanced, global supply network.

Aviation Image

Air freight delivery, operation of bulk petroleum facilities, and point of sales operations for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.

Procurement, Engineering, and Operations Image
Procurement, Engineering, and Operations

In environments ranging from large garrisons to the most austere locations in the world.

Energy Image

A key provider for renewable solar energy and other clean environmental solutions.

Infrastructure Image

We supply the equipment and personnel to complete any facility or camp construction quickly and efficiently.

Water Systems and Purification Image
Water Systems and Purification

Nelogis is a recognized global leader in the management of water systems.

Stability Operations Image
Stability Operations

Advising military leaders and providing an extensive range of services that maintain operations and peace across the world.

Training Image

To prepare the military for their mission — from air, land, sea and space.

Monitoring Image

Nelogis provides accurate, global monitoring, to provide the information needed to adapt to changing needs and resources.

Advisory Services Image
Advisory Services

Nelogis offers results-oriented planning and strategic management so military leaders can make the best decisions for their projects and operations.

Base Operations Image
Base Operations

To maintain a high-level of operations, even those that operate in remote parts of the world.


Col. Raymond L. Rodon(USA, Retired) Image

Col. Raymond L. Rodon(USA, Retired)


His extensive successes and experience as a military commander, a Fortune 500 executive, and trusted subject matter expert in logistics are at the heart of Nelogis.

Tom Shortley Image

Tom Shortley

Vice President
International Programs

Mr. Shortley has 25 years of public and commercial sector experience developing and executing International Development and Government Service programs.

1SG Tadd Lambert(USA, Retired) Image

1SG Tadd Lambert(USA, Retired)

Sr. Operations Manager

First Sergeant Lambert uses his leadership skills to further business development and also maintains the risk management processes.

Martha S. Caswell Image

Martha S. Caswell

Sr. Vice President
Corporate Governance

Ms. Martha Caswell leads the efforts of Corporate governance, including the processes through which the business objectives of Nelogis are set and pursued.

Michael Rodon Image

Michael Rodon

Vice President
Mission Support

Mr. Rodon applies his 20 years of project management experience in finance, and the Oil and Gas industry by providing leadership within corporate business operations.

Where We Work

A History in the Making

Celebrating over a decade of service
and looking towards the future.



Great Beginnings

Nelogis was created by Raymond Rodon as a water filtration company in Texas.



Forging a New Alliance

Nelogis joins forces with DGC International, UnityTec, and Global Logistics to bring resources and experience together.



Building Upon Success

After being accepted into the SBA Small business protégé program, Nelogis wins a refueling contract with the U.S. Navy.

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