NELOGIS implemented and conducted training to prepare military personnel to provide first aid and essential medical support in both combat and peacetime settings and emphasize skills necessary to perform life-saving measures for personnel who are injured.

Using advanced knowledge in the Military Decision-Making Process, Battlefield Operating Systems, Staff Planning Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB), Information Operations, Logistics Planning and Management, Combat Engineering (mobility, Counter-Mobility, Survivability Map Reading, Terrain Analysis, and Law of Armed Conflict, Nelogis is able to help military leadership with critical decision-making and analysis.

NELOGIS also instructed officers with the basic principles of human rights and international humanitarian law, including the distinction between combatants and civilians and educated participants. The most important aspect of their role as a member of the military is the protection of civilians and protection of human rights.

Other instruction focused on training and development the skills and self-sufficiency of host nation instructors to spread the knowledge through the networks. Students learn effective and proper training techniques and are provided opportunities to practice and refine their skills. In-depth instruction on the tactical and military awareness areas enhanced leadership capabilities for junior, mid-grade, and senior military officers, preparing officers for assignments as staff officers and commanders throughout the ranks of the military.