The leadership of the Defense Logistics Agency said NELOGIS was the “very best” and “brought great credit” to Safe Ports.

Orchestrating and guiding “flawlessly” the contract transition between Safe Ports and the incumbent contractor of the Defense Distribution Guam Marianas, NELOGIS distinguished itself.

NELOGIS handled all aspects of a DLA contract transition, including development and coordination of staff training, transition of the incumbent workforce, integration of new employees, scheduled and execution of required inventories, and the writing and on-time submittal of required Standard Operating Procedures.

As one client wrote, “your willingness to work through issues and adversity with a less than cooperative, outgoing contractor contributed immeasurably to this successful transition.”
In a similar arena, NELOGIS has been continuing its role to provide management, industrial engineering, and analysis services to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Humphreys Engineer Center Support Activity, and other DoD Agencies. This work includes conducting studies, collecting data, project oversight, and providing recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce costs.