NELOGIS works with militaries and private entities to improve driving skills and techniques, vital to safety and mission success.

NELOGIS provides vehicle driving instruction, education, and practical behind-the-wheel training to various African militaries through the State Department’s AFRICAP program. The areas we utilized provided an ideal environment to learn and practice ground-guided maneuvers. The students got to utilize the motor pool bay to ensure they could easily get under the vehicles and have a clear view of the components and their functions.

This improved the students’ comprehension of how their driving affects the different systems and how to avoid premature damages. Each student had the opportunity to perform hands-on training for removing the glove compartment to change or clean the air filter, locating the second air filter, changing the battery, changing the lightbulb, and replacing a fuse.

We held two training iterations to support their mission readiness in the number of proficient drivers within their unit. Cone driving, backing up quickly on a regular road, backing up on a narrow road, backing up on a curvy road, and backing up a straight road with no sway or side movement were all part of the training, along with doing the same course and again with a trailer. The in-depth training covered topics such as Defensive Driving, Off-Road Hazards, and Tactical Convoy Operations.

A separate set of instruction was provided for Off-Road Driving and Gear-Shifting Techniques. Students learned how to use the right gears and techniques in various conditions, which will protect the engine and help prevent issues. Off-road hazards such as sandstorms and dust storms, that are particular to the areas of operation, were also covered in the training. Drunk Driving and Drowsy Driving were part of the in-depth lessons to ensure the students thoroughly understood what happens to their bodies when in these states, how their motor skills are affected, and how driving is impacted.