NELOGIS is a leader in developing and operating supply chains in all settings throughout the world, which in turn increases U.S. national security and promotes self-sufficiency in all communities supported.

Supply chain services have emerged as a critical need for the U.S. Government and its partners worldwide. NELOGIS has been active in its enhancement of operations with challenging supply chains in various parts of the world. Our integrated supply chain services for USAID supports the next generation supply chain program. With the USAID being a catalytic force driving development results internationally, supporting their work means advancements in U.S. national security, economic prosperity, American generosity, and promotion of self-sufficiency to the communities supported.

We also provide support to the Naval Surface Warfare Center’s Global Peacekeeping Operation Initiative. GPOI is a U.S. Government-funded security assistance program used to enhance the United Nations and regional peace support operations through building partner-country capabilities. This is in line with our skillsets, as we provide training and logistical support in Ghana for the State Department.